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How to Plan and Prepare for your Senior Portrait Session – Just for Girls

Saturday, February 20th, 2010

This is installment number two on how to prepare and plan for your Senior Portrait Session by Lake Charles Family Photographer, Bart Leger Photography. Today’s post is Just For Girls. (Sorry guys…yours will be next) It’s always better if you can come prepared, knowing the look and theme you would like to project, but it’s also important to plan and prepare yourself for your photo session. Here are a few tips:

  •      – Paint your nails (clear or neutral colors work best)
  •      – Style your hair before your session, choosing a comfortable style you know looks good
  •      – Apply concealer and powder if necessary to minimize blemishes and then stop worrying!  – Portrait  retouching on your final order can eliminate small blemishes and under-eye circles
  •      – Apply make-up before you arrive and bring product with you for touch-ups if necessary
  •      – Limit sun exposure prior to your portrait session avoiding burns or tan lines
  •      – Get a good night’s sleep
  •      – Friends and family are welcome to assist you with your session or join in on the fun!

Plan, get ready, and call soon for your Senior Portrait Session appointment. 337-302-6624