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How to make a raincoat for your camera

Saturday, July 3rd, 2010

Your digital camera is a delicate piece of electronic equipment and needs to be cared for properly. Today’s tip will cover a few ways to ensure your camera will be protected from the elements. Developing goods habits for taking care of your camera should help you keep your expensive investment working properly.

One of the main threats to digital cameras is the environment. Severe heat and cold, rain and dust can wreak havoc on your camera. However, some of the best photographic moments may happen during less than optimal conditions. So what do you do? First, take some simple precautions.

Depending on your location, humidity may be a problem. Your lens may fog the moment you go outdoors. If this is the case, you simply need  to plan ahead of time. If your camera is indoors in the air conditioning and you want to take a picture outside when the humidity is high, you may want to take your camera outside a while before you’re ready and allow it to acclimate to the humidity. That way the fogging on the lens and eyepiece should clear up after a few minutes. By all means do not take off your lens when you first go out because your sensor will then fog up and this may create problems with moisture inside your camera.

What about when it’s raining? Well, if it’s not raining too hard and you have someone else available, just have them hold an umbrella over you so your hands can be free to shoot. If you don’t have an assistant, or if you want to stay out in the rain for some time, you can try making a raincoat for your camera.

For this you will need a 2 gallon “Ziploc” – type plastic bag and a lens hood. Your lens may have come with a lens hood. If not, you can pick one up on the Internet specifically for your brand and model lens. Here are the instructions:

  1. Lay the bag flat and place the lens hood on the bottom of the bag so that exactly half the hood straddles the bottom edge of the bag.
  2. Trace around the lens hood with a felt-tip pen to make a half-circle. Keeping the bag flat, use an Xacto knife, scissors, or a utility knife to follow the traced half-circle and cut out an opening for the lens hood through both layers of the bag. After you have cut the half-circle, open up the bag and you will see that it forms a full circle
  3. Now place the camera in the bag (with the lens hood attached to the front of your lens) and push the lens hood through the hole in the bottom.
  4. Tape the plastic bag to the lens hood so that water or debris can’t leak in. (the picture below shows taping to the lens, but it will be better to tape to the lens hood.)
How to protect your camera in the rain

illustration of camera raincoat

While you’re carrying the camera, keep the bag zipped shut. When you are ready to take a picture, hold the camera so the rain won’t come into the bag, unzip it, and reach inside to hold the camera. Be sure to pull the bag over your wrist. You can make a few of these raincoats ahead of time and keep them in your camera bag  just in case.

No Fear! Go out and make great pictures.

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Photography Classes – Individual and Group – Lake Charles

Wednesday, May 26th, 2010

Want to learn how to take better pictures of your family? Did you get a new camera for Christmas or your birthday and haven’t figured out all the buttons and cool features it has? Are you tired of simply taking snapshots and want your pictures to pop? Let us help you.

We are now offering individual and group photography classes in your own home or ours. You’ll learn the settings on your camera, learn when to use certain features of your camera to make better pictures, the difference between different lenses, and 10 tips for creating better pictures of your kids or grandkids.

Call today! We are only offering a limited number of classes due to our already busy schedule. Get in on the fun. Check out out website for details. Simply go to our homepage and click on Photography Classess/Private or Group ClassesLake Charles Family Photographers

A beautiful outdoor Mcneese University senior photo session in Lake Charles

Sunday, April 18th, 2010

It’s almost here. Graduation time. The leaves are on the trees, the grass is getting greener and we still have a few seniors who are just now getting ready for their senior portrait session with Lake Charles Senior Photographer Bart Leger.

This past Friday we had a great time with Danielle, a McNeese University senior. She is finishing up her degree in Education and says she loves children. Danielle, I know you will be an awesome teacher with that bubbly and enthusiastic spirit.

Here are a few of the images from our on location senior portrait session in and around Lake Charles.

McNeese University Senior Portrait

Beauty in Black & White

picture of college senior leaning on a railing in Lake Charles

Leading Lines

Picture of college senior at a garden gate in Lake Charles

Garden Gateway

Photo of a college senior next to hub caps


Photo of college senior leaning against colorful iron chair

At Rest

College senior picture with old wheels in background

Beauty Blur

Contact us today for your own personalized photo session with Bart Leger Photography. Sessions are limited, so call now.

Pet Photography – Lake Charles Pet Photographer

Thursday, March 4th, 2010

Dogs – man’s best friend. Maya, our loving German Shepherd behaved very well this afternoon for our pet portrait session while I snapped a few pictures. We got ready by giving her a good brushing and spending a few minutes playing in the back yard to allow her to calm down. Then it was off to Photoshop.

Pet Fine Art Photography Picture

Majestic Maya

While sometimes difficult to work with, I enjoy taking pet pictures because no matter what your pictures look like, they don’t complain. It does take some patience and time to allow them to relax and  react to their environment, but the results are worth it.

Give us a call if you would like to commission a Fine Art Portrait for your loving animal companion. Call Lake Charles Family Photographer at 337-302-6624 or email

God Bless!

How to get your BEST senior photos – Just for Guys

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010

Today’s update for your BEST senior pictures from Lake Charles Senior Photographer is for the guys! I know…guys, we don’t care to have our pictures taken, but Mom wants its and we know that if Mom ain’t happy…

We had an earlier post just for the girls here.

Well here you go:

– Trim your nails (I know it’s not macho, but it will look better in the picture)
– Style your hair before your session and bring a comb or brush for touch-ups if necessary
      – Consider getting a haircut approximately one week prior to your session
– Shave before your session (Unless you want the scruffy look)
– Limit sun exposure prior to your portrait session avoiding burns or tan lines
– Get a good night’s sleep
– Friends and family are welcome to assist you with your session or join in on the fun!

Call today for your Senior Portrait Session! 337-302-6624 We can use our studio, go on location in the Lake Charles area, or a combination of both. Look your best and we will show off the real you best.

See ya!

Our latest vacation – a cruise – Photographer Lake Charles

Tuesday, October 6th, 2009

That’s right. Our second time on a cruise, and we are hooked. When else can you eat 24 hours a day if you want to, sleep as late as you want (or not sleep), be waited on hand and foot, have your covers turned down each evening with a new towel animal each day hand-made by your statero0m steward? Well, there you go.

It was a 5-day out of New Orleans with ports of call in Progesso and Cozumel, Mexico. We took plenty of pictures, but here are just a few.


All dressed up and ready to abandon ship

All dressed up and ready to abandon ship

Enjoying the view

Enjoying the view

View of our ship from Progresso

View of our ship from Progresso

He could have called then thousand angels

He could have called ten thousand angels

Entrance to Mexican Cemetary

Entrance to Mexican Cemetary

A stop at the cemetary

A stop at the cemetary

My friend the snake

My friend the snake

Too much Tequila

Too much Tequila

Mexico City

Mexico City

These last two may look like real city pictures, but they are actually scale models built outside of a museum and are about 3-6 feet tall. It’s all in the perspective.

We’re already saving up for our next trip.

Senior Portraits

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

We spent the day yesterday at Avery Island, LA doing portraits and simply enjoying the scenery. The flowers are not in bloom yet, but we found some nice places for a few shots. Quite a few alligators were out sunning themselves, and a large number of birds were nesting. We got there a little late and it was a very sunny day, so we had to work for each shot. Still, we came away with a few “keepers.”

Tabasco Country Store, Avery Island, LA

Tabasco Country Store, Avery Island, LA

Rustic building picture

Rustic building picture

Under the palms picture

Under the palms picture




Katie & John's Wedding

Monday, March 9th, 2009

I had the pleasure of sharing a special day with John & Katie this past Saturday. It was a casual wedding with a few close friends and family at Pat’s of Henderson Restaurant in Lake Charles. I hope you enjoy the pictures, and John & Katie…have a great time on your honeymoon. For those of you who attended the wedding and would like some pictures for yourself check out our website. The event is password protected, so check with the bride and groom, or email me and I will help you. God Bless.

Bride & Groom Figurines Picture
Bride & Groom Figurines Picture



Pat's of Henderson Sign Picture
Pat’s of Henderson Sign Picture
Pat's of Henderson
Pat’s of Henderson
Wedding Cake Picture
Wedding Cake Picture
Wedding Rings Picture
Wedding Rings Picture





Madisyn – What a cutie!

Thursday, February 26th, 2009

Yesterday’s portrait session with little Madisyn was a dream. I have never seen a more happy, alert, baby. She was all smiles the whole time and going with the flow. I believe Mom will have a hard time narrowing down the choices of great pictures to hang on the wall.