New Relationship Portraiture Offered by Bart Leger Photography

The Beauty of Relationships

Love…and Connections… These are the foundation of our relationships. The squeezing of the hands. A light kiss on the forehead. A caressing touch on the cheek. A moment in time captured which will become an heirloom fine art piece for generations in your family to enjoy.

That Describes our New Signature Black and White Relationship Portraiture

 Let’s look at some of the main elements used in our Relationship Portraiture

  • Dark clothing, no patterns, very little jewelry and no props are the hallmarks of this style of photography. We want all attention drawn to the faces and hands, much like a mime
  • Highlighting unique relationships between family members
  • Black and White and reflecting intimate relationships and mostly in deep tones
  • More interactive and sensitive to the moment

A Few Samples


Lake Charles Black and White Relationship Portraiture

Black and White Relationship Portraiture Lake Charles

Imagine your very own Fine Art Relationship Portrait created by Portrait Artist Bart Leger of Lake Charles. We will meet with you for a complimentary Design Appointment and learn your story  Then, when we go into the camera room, we can portray your story through our photography.

Call 337-302-6624 today to schedule your very own Relationship Portrait session.

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